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Jamia Ashrafia aims at preparing such students who will be able to preach the true version of Islam, lead the Muslims to the right path and to take active part in serving the nation and the country as well. Therefore, all these things have been given due consideration in its Academic Programme. The detailed syllabus has been published several times a referential sketch of the same syllabus is given here.

At present, there is a fifteen years’ syllabus, Nursery (one Year), Primary (Five Years), Secondary (Five Years), Alimiyat (two Years), Fazilat (Two Years). Then there is a two years course for specialization in any if these Subjects: Arabic Literature, Islamic Jurisprudence, Philosophy and Logic or Islamic Studies Besides the optional subject a student is required to write a thesis on a selected topic, approved by the Jamia, to get his certificate in this course.

The following subjects and disciplines are included in the primary classes
(1) The Holy Quran (2) Theology (3) Ethics (4) Sociology (5) Urdu Language (6) Hindi Language (7) Science (8) Mathematics (9) Geography (10) Urdu Grammar (11) Basic English (12) General Knowledge

The Following Subjects are included in the classes
(1) Persian Grammar (2) Persian Literature (3) Persian Composition (4) Urdu Literature (5)Scholasticism (6) Islamic Fiqh (7)Sirat (the biography of the Holy Prophet (8) Hadith (9) Principles of Islamic fiqh (10) Arabic Morphology (11) Arabic Grammar (12) Rhetoric (13) Metrics and Prosody (14)Arabic Literature(15) Arabic composition (16) Logic (17) Philosophy (18) History (19) Science (20) Mathematics (21) English Literature (22) English Composition (23) General Knowledge (24) Tajweed- Arabic Phonetics (25) Computer

The following subjects and disciplines are included in the classes of Alimiyat and Fazilat :
(1) Dars-e-quran (2) Tafsir-exegesis of the Quran (3) Hadith (4) Principles of Hadith (5) Fiqh (6) Principle of Fiqh (7) Inheritance of Law (8) Belief and Scholasticism (9) Arabic Rhetoric (10) History of Islam (11) Arabic Literature and Composition (12) English Literature and Composition (13) Logic (14) Philosophy (15) Munazara-Polemics (16) Political Science (17) Art of Teaching and Training (19) History of Islamic Fiqh (20) Secret Nature of Arabic Language (21) Arabic Phonetics (22) Computer

Among the above mentioned subjects there are some subjects which are included in every class such as Arabic and English Literature, there are some subjects in which instructions on only one or two books are given to the students such as Metrics and Prosody, Inheritance Law, Philosophy and other while there are some subjects in which instructions on various books are given to the students such as Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh and others.

There is a separate department in jamia Ashrafia for teacher training course. In this course admission is given to the laborious and able graduate of Ashrafia who perform their teaching responsibilities under the supervision of expert teachers of Ashrafia. They are awarded a handsome amount of stipend also.

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