21 July, 2024

Al Jamiatul Ashrafia: At a glance

Aljamiatul Ashrafia is the leading academic and charitable religious educational institution located at Mubarakpur in the famous district of U.P. Azamgarh in India. The degree holders of this institution are performing teaching, organizational and preaching works in different cities of India as well in foreign countries such as Canada, USA, UK, Africa and UAE etc.

At its very beginning some elderly and well intentioned Muslims of Mubarakpur established a madrasa called Misbahul Uloom in 1317 (A.H.) / 1899 (A.D.) This institution was being run with the assistance and contributions of the people in spite of their bad economic condition. Hafiz-e-Millat came to Mubarakpur on 29th of Shawwal 1352/14th of January 1934 and was appointed the principal of the Madrasa. He emerged as the harbinger of a new enthusiasm in the Madrasa and created a unique Islamic atmosphere in the town. The Madrasa became famous far and wide for its quality education and it drew many students from outside Mubarakpur and soon the Madrasa was packed to its capacity.

The members as well-wishers of Ashrafia started a new constructive front under the leadership of Hafiz-e-Millat Allama Shah Abdul Aziz Muhaddith Moradabadi. In 1935/1353 people decided to lay the foundation stone. The foundation stone laying ceremony was attended by Sheikhul Mashaiekh Hazrat Ashrafi Mian Kichauchhavi, Hazrat Sadrus Shariah Allama Amjad Ali Azmi, Hazrat Muhaddith-e-Azam Hind and other distinguished Ulema. After the Friday prayer Hafiz-e-Millat and the distinguished Ulema laid down the foundation stone and prayed for its development. Its foundation year came to be “Bagh-e-Firdaus” when computed according to the numbers as in chronogram. Its name was proposed to be Darul Uloom Ahle-e-Sunnat Madrasa Ashrafia Misbahul Uloom and later it became famous as Darul Uloom Ashrafia.

Later the building of Ashrafia was not sufficient enough to accommodate the students. The far sighted vision, practical wisdom and the educational need urged Hafiz-e-Millat to look for a spacious site for the Madarsa, outside the town. Thus a spacious plot of land was bought in the southward region of Mubarakpur to materialize the desired goal of "Aljamiatul Ashrafia" In the evening, on 8th of May 1972, Mufti-e-azam Hind Hazrat Maulana Shah Mustafa Raza Khan Quadri, Hazrat Syedul Ulema Hazrat Maulana Syed Ale Mustafa Quadri Barkati and other distinguished Ulema and Mashaiekh laid down the foundation stone of Aljamiatul Ashrafia. Its scholors (Degree Holders) are called ‘Misbahi’ according to its old name ‘Misbahul Uloom’. And recently it is spread over more 55 acres land. At this time (1437 A.H./ 2017 A.D.) there are more than 256 teachers and employees in Al-Jamiatul Ashrafia who carry out their concerned duties with deep sincerity. More than 1800 students live in the hostels. Besides them there are more than 6000 boys and girls who pursue their studies in the boy’s primary, high and intermediate school / college and the girl’s primary and high school respectively. Al-Jamiatul Ashrafia has Vocational Training & Technical Institutes, Hospitals and several branches all over India. There are some such Madrasas whose teachers are paid by Ashrafia. Empowered by faculties of global standard, Aljamiatul Ashrafia has built an international reputation for its invaluable contribution to Islamic education. Aljamiatul Ashrafia has been recognized by Al-Azhar University of Cairo, Egypt, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), Aligarh, Jamia Millia, Hamdard, New Delhi, and MANUU…etc. Students belonging to different states of India such as Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand , J&K, South East States…etc. and pupils from abroad like Canada, USA, UK, …etc. are also accommodated and educationally fed in Aljamiatul Ashrafia

By the Grace of Allah, Ashrafia enjoys the support and confidence of the Muslim community. That is why all the activities of education and construction are carried on smoothly and efficiently. Under the able leadership of Hafiz-e-Millat’s worthy son, Hazrat Aziz-e-Millat Allama Shah Abdul Hafiz-Moradabadi, the chief and head of Al-Jamiatul Ashrafia, this constructive educational caravan heads towards its desired destination with utmost favour and enthusiasm.

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