21 July, 2024

Al Jamiatul Ashrafia: Departments


Shari’a College (Dars-e-Nezami):

This is an important department of Ashrafia. It contains nine years syllabus- Secondary (Fauqania) Five years, Almiat two years, Fazilat two years. Recently 1450 students from India and abroad are quenching their Islamic academic thirst.

The Research Centre (Thakhassus):

 There is a two years course for specialization in any one of these subjects: Arabic Literature, Islamic Jurisprudence and Hadith Science, for the graduates of different higher study centres. Recently there are 70 research scholars in this department. They are awarded a handsome amount as scholarship also.

Fatwa writing Course:

The course for training students in Fatwa writing runs under the Darul Ifta. Desirous qualified students get admission to this course and they are taught the core book of Islamic jurisprudence and drilled in fatwa writing.

Tafifzul Qur’an 

There students memorise the holy Qur’an and learn how to recite it according to Tajweed. It contains two years course. Recently there are 438 students enrolled in this course.

Teachers Training Course: 

In this course admission is given to the laborious and able graduate of Ashrafia who perform their teaching responsibilities under the supervision of expert teachers of Ashrafia. They are awarded a handsome amount of stipend also.

Council of Islamic Jurisprudence (Majlis-e-Shar'ie):

It was constituted on 23rd of Jamadil Akherah 1413 A.H. / corresponding to December 19, 1992 A.D. to solve the complicated problems raised by this modern scientific age in the light of Islamic Jurisprudence. Till now 23 large and small scale seminars have been conducted under the auspices of this council (Majlis) and more than 400 complicated problems have been solved and they have been published with the name of “Majlis-e-Sharee ke Faisle”.

Mufti Shariful Haqu Darul Ifta:

Every month, hundreds of questions about religious laws are referred to the Darul Ifta of Aljamiatul Ashrafia and their authentic answers are issued from this Darul Ifta. It has separate library wherein there are all the necessary books dealing with Fiqh, Fatawa, and other relevant sciences. There are 9 Mufties and Asst. Mufties in the Darul Ifta.

Hafiz-e-Millat Institute of Information Technology:

A computer centre under the Hafiz-e-Millat Institute of Information Technologies has been set up in a separate beautiful building wherein there are 26 sets of multimedia computers. There qualified and experienced teachers are imparting instruction to the students on composing, designing and programming. Computer centre is accredited by NCPUL New Delhi and NIELIT centre Chandigarh. More than 100 students get computer education every year and passed out students are awarded one year Government Diploma.

Hafiz-e-Millat Research Institute:

This Institute was founded under the patronage of Hazrat Aziz-e-Millat in 1989. Its primary aim is to conduct biographical, historical and research works on Hafiz-e-Millat, Jamia Ashrafia and the product of Ashrafia.

Majlis-e-Barkat :

It was setup in 1419 A.H. / 1999 A.D. with an aim to publish the text books prescribed in the Nizami Syllabus after a thorough revision and with necessary marginal notes and key notes. More than 150 books with revision or marginal notes and key notes have been published till now.

Ashrafia Inter College : 

The college is recognized by the U.P. Board and imparts education to the students for High School and Intermediate Examinations. Every caste of people seeks admission in this college. The College contains 31 rooms and 16 halls. There is a body of 22 teachers, one clerk and three peons who remain busy in their works. 1353 students (boy) are enrolled in this college. .

Ashrafia Girls High School :

The School is recognized by the U.P. Board and imparts education to the girl students for High School Examinations. The medium of instruction is Hindi. Every caste of people seeks admission in this school. The School contains 14 rooms and 6 halls. There is a body of 13 lady teachers, one clerk and two peons who remain busy in their works. There are seven hundred students (girls) are enrolled in this school.

The Ashrafia Monthly:

A religious and literary magazine which was first brought out in 1396 A.H/ 1975 A.D. is still being published .This magazine has rendered valuable services in the propagation of Sunni school of thought. Religious information, academic researches and other details are conveyed to the elite and common men through this magazine.

Imam Ahmad Raza Library:

Imam Ahmad Raza Library was setup in 1395 A.H./1975 A.D. It is the Central Library of Jamia Ashrafia. There is a rich collection of prescribed and non-prescribed books in this library. In its thousands of books of Tafseer, Hadith, Principles of Hadith, Islamic Fiqh, principles of Fiqh, Arabic Literature, History of Islam, Biographies, mysticism, Logic, Philosophy, Inheritance Law, Polemics and other subjects are available.


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