14 April, 2024

Education System

Education system

If we look at the educational system of Jamia Ashrafia, we will be able to know its peculiar characteristics. By the grace of Allah, here Primacy is given to quality rather than quantity. The head, general manager, principal, and all teachers of Ashrafia are doing their best to lead the Jamia to progress. The managing committee and the academic council always keep their  eyes on the systemto  review  good and bad aspects and try to remove the bad ones so that the Jamia may lead towards a perfect educational standard. Only those teachers are appointed who are highly qualified for their concerned departments and jobs so that they may be able to do their duties sincerely in better way. It is compulsory to complete the prescribed course. Instruction on the whole text book of grammar is essential so that the student may pursue their studies in the next class without any difficulty. If a student does not get through the examination, he will have to sit in the same class in the next academic session. If any fails twice in the same class, he is expelled from the Jamia

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