14 April, 2024


Imam Ahmad Raza Library named after Aalahazt Imam Ahmad Raza (Rahmatullah Alaihe) is the Central Library of Jamia Ashrafia. From the very beginning, Ashrafia has been procuring the students with Prescribed text books. There is a rich collection of prescribed and non-prescribed books in the Imam Ahmad Raza Library. In its thousands of books of Tafseer, Hadith, Principles of Hadith, Islamic Fiqh, principles of Fiqh, Arabic Literature, History of Islam, Biographies, mysticism, Logic, Philosophy, Inheritance Law, Polemics and other subjects are available. The Text books are issued to the students in the month Shawwal and after six monthly examinations and they return them to the Library after their annual examination. This library was setup in 1395 A.H./1975 A.D. Besides, the Rare Book Collection and the Periodical Section are also housed separately in a hall

here is an another library by the name of 'Maktabatul Lughatil Arabiah' wherein books on Arabic language and literature have been collected in a large number, so that the students of Ashrafia may be well aware of different stages of classical and modern Arabic prose and poetry. This Library subscribes to some of the Arabic magazine and periodicals, published in the Arabian countries.

Ashrafi Darul Mut'ala (Study room), the oldest library in Ashrafia was established in 1935 A.H./1936 A.D. and since then the students of Ashrafia have been benefiting themselves from it They quench their academic thirst through the rich collection of Islamic and religious books and enrich their Arabic knowledge and general awareness. They also read the various periodicals subscribed by the library. Besides thousands of books dealing with different subjects there is a rich collection of rare manuscripts, books and magazines. This library is managed and looked after by students.

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