21 July, 2024


Azamgarh is a famous and fertile district in Uttar Pradesh (India) and it has now been accorded the status of a COM missionary (i.e. Division). Mubarakpur is situated at the eastward region of Azamgarh,17 k.m. away from it. This is a reasonably well-off and prosperous town and the Banarasi sarees, made here are liked and sold in and outside the country. According to the recent census, its population is roughly 80 thousand while according to the unofficial sources the population is more than 125 thousand.

The people of Mubarakpur are simple living and comply with Islamic thought and practice. The majority of them follow Imam Ahmad Raza's school of thoughts and are devoted followers of Hafiz-e-Millat Shah Abdul Aziz Moradabad.

In bigining  Mubarakpur was known as Qasimabad. In the first half of the tenth century (A.H.), Hazrat Syed Mubarak Shah came to Qasimabad from Kada Manikpur (District Pratapgarh U.P.) for spreading the word of Allah. He emerged as the harbinger of a new spirit in a Qasimabad with the propagation of his message and created a unique Islamic aura about the place. Many came into the fold of Islam as he showed the right path to those who had deviated. Hazrat Raja Syed Mubarak was a distinguished scholar and a famous and pious saint of the chistia order. He settled down at Qasimabad and renamed it as Mubarakpur. He passed away on Shawwal 2, 965 A.H./1558 A.D. The mosque "Raja Mubarak Shah" related to Aljamiatul Ashrafia, known far and wide for its area and grandeur, is named after him

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