21 July, 2024


There are several buildings of Al-Jamiatul ashrafia  stretched over 55  acres of land. Their referential sketch witth all its departmentscan be seen below

  1. Central Building of Al-Jamiatul Ashrafia: This magnificent two storeyed Building has 31 rooms in all. In it there are 28 rooms of the size of 30x20 , two big hall of size of 40x30 and a Darul Hadith of the size of 42x42 square feet. The dome of the Darul Hadith is about 107 feet high.
  2. Allama Abdul Rauf Darul Hifz Wal Tajweed: There are 28 rooms in this building. Out of them 20 rooms are of the size of 20x15 while remaining 8 rooms are of the size of 25x20. This building too is two storeyed.
  3. Azizi Hostel: It is a two storeyed building. There are 120 large and small rooms in it.
  4. Barkati Hostel: This is also a two storeyed building wherein there are 22 large and small rooms.
  5. Ahsaul Ulema Dining Hall: There are two big hall of the size of 30x30. Besides them, there are 8 rooms for other relevant necessities.
  6. Teachers Colony: This is a two storeyed building. There are 20 flats. Each flats has three rooms and a kitchen as is well equipped with other facilities.
  7. Azizul Masajid: This is a grand mosque. The area inside it is about 80x117 while the whole mosque is stretched over 53145 square feet. It is one of the greatest mosques of India.
  8. Hafiz-e-Millat Institute of Information Technology: In this building there are two big halls, an office and a rooms. This building is well-equipped with other facilities.
  9. Darul Shifa: There is a building named, Darul Shifa near the main gate. It has 3 rooms and is well-equipped with other facilities including a water tank.
  10. Power tank: It has 3 rooms. Wherein there are four Generators. The first generator is of 62 k.v., the second one is of 43 k.v., the third one is of 15 k.v. and the fourth one is of 5 k.v.
  11. Water Tanks: To maintain adequate water supply in Al-Jamiatul Ashrafia there is a very large water tank with the capacity of 250000 liters. Besides it, each building has a small water tank with the capacity of 1000 or 2000 liters.
  12. Tube Wells: There are 4 tube wells in the campus of the jamia which fulfill the need of a large tank. There is a large pool too.
  13. The Rauzah: The holy shrine of Huzoor Hafiz-e-Millat is situated in the campus of jamia.
  14. Plot: There is a plot stretched over 6500 square feet in the east of the jamia across the road.
  15. Imam Ahmad Raza Library: The building , stretched over 13000 square feet, is under construction.
  16. Mufti Mohammad Shareeful Haque Darul Ifta: It is stretched over 2000 square feet and is under construction.
  17. Sadrus Shariah Darul Qadha: The building is stretched over 2000 square feet and is under construction.
  18. Bagh-e-Firdaus (Darul Uloom Ahl-e-Sunnat Madarsa Ashrafia Misbahul Uloom): It is five storeyed building which is stretched over 730000 square feet. There are 90 shops in the basement and the ground floor. In the three upper storeys there are the office of Ashrafia Monthly, class rooms for the nursery school, class room for Hifzul Quran and a large hall for congregational prayers.
  19. In the east of Bagh-e-Firdaus there is a market extending over 3500 square feet. This is a two storeyed building wherein there are 13 shops and 3 large hall.
  20. In the east, the plot adjacent to the Bagh-e-Firdaus, is about 300 square feet wherein the construction of class rooms for the primary school will start very soon.
  21. Ashrafia Market: This is a two storeyed building wherein there are 58 shops.
  22. In the north of Ashrafia Market, there is a two storeyed building wherein there are 8 shops.
  23. In front of Ashrafia Market there is a two storeyed building stretched over 300 square feet in the west. There are 4 shops in it.
  24. The two storeyed building, in which the Nomani dawakhana is situated, has 20 rooms.
  25. In the east of Ashrafia Market there is two storeyed building wherein there are 3 small shops and 2 big shops.
  26. There is at market a Mohalla Purani Basti. There are three shops and a large room.
  27. There is a market at Mohalla Katra wherein there are 18 shops.
  28. At Mohalla Pura Khawaja there are four class rooms of the size of 20x25 for the Nursery classes, a courtyard and a verandah.
  29. At Mohalla Nawadah there is a building having two shops.
  30. At Mohalla Nawadah road there is a small plot.
  31. There is a plot stretched over 1000 square feet at Mohalla Pura Dulhan wherein there is a big hall.
  32. At Mohalla Pura Dulhan there is a plot of about 500 square feet.
  33. The two storeyed building of Ashrafia Junior High School is situated at Mohalla Pura Khizr over a vast area of land. In the outer section of the building there are two shops.
  34. There is a two storeyed building in the place of the old Madarsa Lateefia Ashrafia Misbahul Uloom, Aziz-e-Millat Maulana Abdul Hafiz, the Sarbrah-e-Ala and the head of Al Jamiatul Ashrafia, resides there. In the outer parts of the buildings there lives some students also.
  35. There is an old-fashioned building near the Raza Mubarak Shah Jama Masjid in which two teachers of the Ashrafia reside.
  36. There is a splendid two storeyed building of Raja Mubarak Jama Masjid at Mohalla Purani Basti. It is the largest mosque of the town.
  37. At Mohalla Pura Rani there is a two storeyed building of Ashrafia Girls Primary School wherein there are 16 big halls.
  38. At Mohalla Katra, there is a large building of Ashrafia Girls School wherein there are 14 big halls. This building is stretched over approximately twenty five thousand square feet.
  39. In the south of Ashrafia Girls School there is a plot of about 11250 square feet.
  40. In the west of Ashrafia Girls High School there is a big plot stretched over 23000 square feet.
  41. At Mohalla Katra road , there is a godown of about 3000 square feet, which is used to collect the skins of sacrificial animal slaughtered on the occasion of Eid-ul Azha.
  42. There is a big plot in the north of Mubarakpur Government Hospital.
  43. There is a plot at Mohalla Pura Rani. Besides them there are some other plots also.
  44. There is a four storeyed building of Jamia Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia at Zakir Nagar, New Delhi, where the students learn modern Arabic and English languages and do their specialization course in Dawah and Islamic Studies. There is special arrangement for the students of Hafiz-o-Quirah also. The members of the Jamia are doing their best to complete the construction of the fifth floor.
  45. There is a plot near Raza Masjid street # 18 , Zakir Nagar , New Delhi-25
  46. Offices for Public Relations: The office is situated in Sunni Badi Masjid Ghrup Dev , Mumbai. Besides them, there are several branches of Ashrafia through out the country which render their educational and missionary services under the patronage of Aziz-e-Millat Allama Shah Abdul Hafiz Sahab, The chief and head of Ashrafia.

There are some  buildings of Ashrafia  in other cities also. At Mohalla Takiya in the Azamgarh city, there is a two storeyed building wherein  Nursery School and a Madarsa for Hifz classes and Primary classes of Darse Nizami are runnig.

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