21 July, 2024

Hafiz e Millat

Hafiz-e-Millat Alaihi Rahma was born in Bhojpur, in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, on Monday in 1894 CE in a poor house hold. He was given the name Abdul Aziz, but he became famous with the name - Hafiz-e-Millat (The Guardian of the Nation.) He was extremely careful about his prayers and fasting. Performing Hajj without being photographed taken is an example of his Taqwa.  The father of Huzoor Hafiz-e-Millat desired that his son would grow up and become a scholar of the Islamic faith.

He memorized the Quran from his father. He enrolled at Jamia Naeemiya in Moradabad & stayed there for 3 years. His thirst for knowledge reached a peak. He was searching for a new teacher; his search led him to Sadr Al Shari'ah. He arrived at Madrasa Mueeniyah, in Ajmer in 1342 A.H. With effort & hard working Hafiz-e-Millat completed the whole Dars-e-Nizami syllabus.

During the month of Shabaan in 1352 H, Sadr Al Shari'ah (Alaihi Rahmah) called Hafiz-e-Millat (Alaihi Rahmah) to Bareilly Shareef & said that because he (Sadr Al Shari'ah) had spent so much time away from his home district of Azamgarh, it has become corrupted. He wanted Hafiz-e-Millat (Alaihir Rahmah) to send to Mubarakpur to lead the nation to the true path of Islam. Huzoor Hafiz e Millat followed the instructions.

Hafiz-e-Millat came to Mubarakpur on 29th of Shawwal 1352/ 14th of January 1934 and was appointed the principal of the Madrasa Ashrafia. At the time the Madrasa was situated at Purani Basti (where Hazrat Aziz-e-Millat lived those days.) Instructions were given only in the reading of Qur'an, primary religious texts, Persian language and Mathematics. There was no student from outside Mubarakpur. The annual budget of the Madrasa was 2757rupees, 14 annas and 9 pies. He emerged as the harbinger of a new enthusiasm in the Madrasa and created a unique Islamic atmosphere in the town. The Madrasa became famous far and wide for its quality education and it drew many students from outside Mubarakpur and soon the Madrasa was packed to its capacity.

At the time of Hafiz-e-Millat's arrival, those in the opposition got panicky with these developments and they intensified their activities. Hafiz-e-Millat accepted these challenges and got ready for constructive thoughts and deeds. Now he delivered speeches to put counter challenge to the opponents and devoted all his energy to make the Madrasa thrive and flourish and Hafiz-e-Millat 's efforts on those fronts were crowned with success. This process of replies and counter replies continued for four months. Hafiz-e-Millat's speeches exposed the weakness of the opponents who were extremely defamed. He gave the Slogan-Unity is life and dissension is death-to the people of Mubarakpur and won over their hearts.

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